Guest Blog: My Journey from Postnatal Depression to Happy and Healthy with Only Girls Allowed

The following article was written by Patricia Jephson, one of the longest attending mums of the Only Girls Allowed fitness program. Cicciona’s is a proud partner with OGA and provides the childcare every week. I started coming to OGA in January 2018. I had seen it advertised on Facebook from when it started but I […]

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Why on earth did I choose the name Cicciona’s ?!

It’s unpronounceable and it turns out it is really quite rude in Italian too. This year I looked into changing the name but here’s why it’s a keeper – The Nanny position I had in Italy was with a 6 month old baby girl (she’s now nearly 21 yrs old) every lunchtime & dinnertime I […]

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You can have it all, we did ! Read on for how.

August 2017, the long awaited Wedding of my little brother ! From the start we all knew we wanted a Creche ; To my Brother and his wife it was important they celebrated the day with the whole family and friends, the children are very much part of all our celebrations, but they also knew […]

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United or not in your decision to invite the children, Cicciona’s has some top tips for your Special Day

Inviting Children to your Special Day can be contentious. So whether you stand united or alone in your decision we have some top tips to help you. Even Superheroes need help sometimes 😉 Saying no is never easy. So being a step ahead will help. Guests may have all their family (and therefore babysitters) at […]

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Simple ways to keep you; the Bride and groom and children happy and parents relaxed at Weddings

As a Mum of three I completely empathise with the bride and Groom, families and the children about all the many challenges that come from inviting children to the Wedding. But with just a few simple steps inviting the Children becomes child’s play. Children only have limited patience so catering to their shorter attention span […]

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We tackle all the questions you want to ask

Cicciona’s Questions and Answers “We have some parents who love the idea of the Creche and some who really don’t.” Completely understandable. Parents don’t know us, they are welcome to call me before the day and run through routine and favourite things so we are prepared, we also recommend that those parents come in to […]

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Update on Coronavirus Measures

Cicciona’s and staff will be following the advice (as per the link below) and we would ask that parents/guardians of children attending our crèches please also take the time to read and observe the guidelines.